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Flame Imperishable
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We are a group of friends and family who enjoy eachother's company and companionship while adventuring in the virtual world of Lord of the Rings Online; specifically on the Arkenstone world server.

If you are interested in joining us, I would like to encourage you to visit our general forums and read the post named "WELCOME!!!"

If you are a new member and would like help setting up your personal settings, please visit the Member Forums and check out the post there that is named "GETTING STARTED!!!"

Great day to you, and may all your dreams be realized by the riches that only the heart can perceive.


Kinship Bank Open For Bussiness!

538880988_Inactive, Jul 9, 07 3:01 PM.
The Kinship Bank is open for bussiness. Due to not being able to accept new registrations no one will be able to view the bank contents, but Wrenfro plans to release bi-weekly reports on monetary amounts and item contents.  Requests can be mailed in game to Wrenfro for both money and items until the time comes when everyone's registration can be accepted at which time requisitions should be issued from the website Bank system. Also any money or items that you wish to donate should be mailed to Wrenfro with DONATION included in the body of the mailing.

What types of items should you donate? Basically anything that you think would be useful to others such as weapons, armour, recipes, crafting supplies etc. It is up to the individual to decide what or even if to donate.

Are there limits to the amount/quantity of requests per kinship member? At this time there are no restrictions, but please request only what you need and remember that the Bank is for the benefit of everybody and not just one individual. This said Wrenfro has the right to limit request amounts/quantites if deemed excessive. The goal is to not "break the bank" so to speak so there will be enough to fill the needs of everyone.

Please mail any questions/comments to Wrenfro in game.

Welcome Kinship members!

538880988_Inactive, Jul 7, 07 5:43 PM.
Welcome to all Kinship members! We strongly encourage you to register on the site and keep your character information up to date.

Feel free to browse the site and check out its many available features including the Kinship Bank which I hope to have up and running this week. I hope to be adding more to the site in the months to come.

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